Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tunnel of Love: A Bucket List Place for Ukrainian Women

Tunnel of Love: A Bucket List Place for Ukrainian Women

Are you looking for a different kind of date with Ukrainian women? One that will seemingly take you to a different dimension? If so, you might want to consider The Tunnel of Love.

The Tunnel of Love is a railway sandwiched by perfectly interweaving tree branches and thick bushes located in a tiny village in the western town of Klevan, Ukraine. It is considered to be the most photographed and romantic place in the country.

Many lovebirds from across the world flock to Klevan to kiss under the tunnel and make a wish. Locals believe that this act strengthens the relationship. Legend also says that the love-struck visitors will be granted their wish, provided that their intentions are sincere and pure.

The entire track is about 6.4 km long, 4.9 km of it is flanked by arching trees and thick bushes. This romantic stretch of train tracks is located between Klevan and the village of Orzhiv in the Kovel-Rivne, where it splits into two: one leads to Klevan and the other leads to a military base hidden in the forest. It was built during the Cold War in the 19th century and the trees were purposefully planted alongside the tracks to conceal the transport of military hardware.

At present, the train makes three rounds on a daily basis transporting wood to the nearby fiberboard factory. Otherwise, the tunneled portion of the railway becomes a romantic and picturesque place where couples can go for a stroll and take lovely photos together.
The Tunnel of Love has also become a popular destination for photoshoots and marriage proposals in Ukraine.

Sadly though, several trees were cut down in 2013 to aid the passage of the train which resulted to a huge outcry from locals and tourists alike; but not a single tree has been touched since then.

The Tunnel of Love is the ultimate couple destination with your Ukraine woman. Every couple should experience the romantic atmosphere of this place at least once in their lifetime.

It is best to visit during spring or summer when the trees along the railway are at its lushest.
The seemingly never-ending stretch of greenery at this time of year is a truly remarkable sight.

However, the colorful foliage during fall and the snow-covered branches during winter make for captivating sights as well. No matter which season you decide to visit, you will still be in for a treat regardless.

There are only a few places in the world as romantic as The Tunnel of Love. The arching branches that envelopes the railway is truly something to behold. So, if you’re dating Ukraine ladies who are true romantics, this is one place that you should definitely tick off from your bucket list.