Monday, August 13, 2018

When you travel around the world, museums are usually recommended for you to see and visit. It’s basically no difference when it comes to Ukraine. Why? It’s simply because Ukraine is a country filled with historical sites. Also, it has a strong cultural heritage that every individual would love. Different types of museums can be seen in the cities of Ukraine alone. Thus, you must not just visit Ukraine without having a trip to these heritage-filled museums. Also, get to meet beautiful single Ukraine ladies along your travel!
Here are the 8 best museums in Ukraine that you shouldn’t miss when you stand on its ground:
  • National Art Museum
This historic and neoclassical building was designed by Wladyslaws Horodecki. This spacious museum has a wide-ranging collection of Ukrainian paintings, even of that from 20th century. In this museum, art and treasures that were rescued from the former President named Viktor Yanukovych were first exhibited. Through time, it has become well-known because of its exhibitions. For every tourist, the National Art Museum in Kiev is highly recommended. When you travel to Ukraine, don’t miss this Museum and you’ll surely have a great travel experience.
  • Great Patriotic War Museum
Great Patriotic War museum is located at the base of Rodina Mat (a monumental statue in Kiev). It was built in 1981 to honor the defenders of Kiev during the Great Patriotic War many years ago (World War II). This museum was just recently renamed into National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. Undoubtedly, this was the first ever museum to tell of the story of the bloodiest war in the 20th century. Thus, this destination is a must-visit for all the visitors. Have a trip in this museum to feed your curiosity!
  • Pirogovo Open-Air Museum
Pirogovo Open-Air Museum is the largest open-air museum in the entire Europe. It covers 1.3 million square meters and reveals the traditional ways of living in different regions of Ukraine hundred years ago. The entire museum is composed of windmills, watermills, traditional sauna, a church school, village administration buildings, a priests’ mansion, cafes, huts and barns. Also, you will get to see traditional houses from 16th to 20th century. By having a tour at this place, you will imagine how the locals lived in Ukraine many years ago. Pay a visit to this amazing open-air museum now with the hope of finding your Ukraine bride!
  • State Aviation Museum
The State Aviation Museum is a great place to spend time with even if you are not into aircraft and other things involving aeronautics. If you want something a bit unusual, this museum is a must-visit. In here you can see all sorts of fantastic-looking flying machines, including fighter jets, passenger planes, helicopters and more. This is the largest historical and technical museum of its kind. Some of the aircrafts you can find here were once in the service of Soviet Air Force. Way back 2003, the museum had 33 aircraft and helicopters. Now, it has more or less 90 machines on display.
  • Pharmacy Museum
Pharmacy Museum is also known as “Under the Black Eagle”. This is the oldest operating pharmacy in Ukraine which now offers a fascinating walk through apothecary history for its guests. It is painted with symbols of water, fire, air and earth. Technically, it has 16 rooms of different historical eras of medicinal care. You will just pay a small amount of money for its entrance fee and you will get to embrace a room full of antique pharmacy equipment which are from 19th and 20th century.
Looking for an alternative things to do in Ukraine? Have a trip to the aforementioned museums for a breath of fresh air! Meet Ukraine women for marriage along the way!