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5 Beautiful Churches to Marry Ukraine Women in

Top 5 Churches for a Dream Wedding with Ukraine Women

Many couples these days prefer to get married at a garden or beach venue. Ukraine women, however, seem to be the exception. Marrying a Ukraine woman usually means walking down the aisle of grand church in classic fashion.

Most of the people in Ukraine are religious. About 67.3% Ukrainians belong to one of the many denominations of Orthodox Christianity. Marriage is one of the seven sacraments in their Eastern Orthodox faith. Thus, traditional wedding ceremonies in Ukraine are mostly held in churches.

Ukraine prides itself on having a great number of pilgrimage sites. Tragically, much of Ukraine’s ancient and sacred architecture has been destroyed during wars that wreaked havoc in the past. There are, however, many surviving structures, such as unique temples built on exceedingly complex and challenging terrains. These, and other factors,, make Ukraine a truly splendid venue for weddings.

Here is a list of our top picks for church venues to marry Ukraine women in:

Ukraine women dream to walk down the aisle of Uspenski Cathedral.

  • Uspenski Cathedral   

There are thousands of churches spread throughout Ukraine, but  most are concentrated within the capital city of Kiev. One of Kiev’s premier tourist attractions is the Kyivan Cave Monastery. This 967-year old  monastery is noted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of only two churches in Ukraine to have been awarded such recognition.

The gateway to Kyivan Cave Monastery is the Uspenski Church, the main church on the site. It was originally built at the end of the 11th century, was destroyed during the Second World War, and was restored in 2000.  

Uspenski Cathedral, with its baroque style, is the ultimate dream wedding church for couples in Ukraine. It’s perfect for couples who want a beautiful venue without straying too far from the capital.

  • St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral is the second oldest Roman Catholic church in “Kyiv”, next to St. Alexander’s Cathedral. It is one of the most photographed places in Kiev and boasts a beautiful gothic design principle.

The construction of the church lasted exactly 10 years from 1899 to 1909. Its two highly pointed spires and subtle moldings give this church a distinguished and unique architectural design.

St. Nicholas Church has represented a synergy between principles of faith and art for decades now. In the afternoon, it is filled with God's words and in the evening, with melodic masterpieces of organ music. This church is ideal for artsy couples. Your Ukraine bride will be able to walk-down-the-aisle in a beautifully designed cathedral, accompanied by harmonious acoustic music.
Anywhere in Lviv, the Little Paris of Ukraine, makes a perfect wedding for Ukraine women.

  • St. George’s Cathedral

On a hill overlooking the urban landscape of Lviv towers a magnificent baroque-rococo cathedral, also the third church to inhabit this site since the 13th century.

St. George’s holds a prominent position in Ukraine’s religious and cultural traditions. It served as the mother church for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is also home to the oldest bell in Ukraine, which was created in 1341.

There are many wedding churches to choose from in Lviv.  What puts St. George’s Cathedral above them all is its rich and diverse iconographic interior design.

Lviv is known to be the “Little Paris of the East” due to its overwhelmingly romantic mood and atmosphere.Therefore, if you wish to marry a Ukrainian girl in a church brimming with romance and romantic history, St. George’s Cathedral is the place to be.

  • Church of Holy Martyr Tatiana

The Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana is the first and only students’ church in Ukraine. It is located on the campus of Odessa National Academy of Law. The church was built through a collective effort of the school’s stakeholders, donations from faculty and students, in conjunction with the common citizens of Odessa. The students also took part in the construction by cleaning the area, taking out the garbage, planting trees and assisting builders.

The Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana is the pride of the people of Odessa. Its exquisite architecture and what this church represents sets it apart from other churches in Ukraine. There’s not a better place to tie the knot with Ukraine women than at this one-of-a-kind church.
Set the greatest life event of Ukraine women in a historic city.

  • Annunciation Cathedral

A locally designed, candy-striped cathedral accented by a Neo-Byzantine design stands as the main Orthodox church in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The Annunciation Cathedral once reigned as the largest in all of the former Russian empire. The facade of the church is comparable to that of Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow.

The architecture of the Annunciation Cathedral is truly a work of art. All of its design elements complement each other very well. This church is perfect for couples with colorful personalities that match the church’s colorful design.  

Pivotal moments in life such as weddings should ideally be celebrated in places that reflect who you are as a couple. Holding your wedding ceremony in a church will make your special day even more solemn and intimate. We encourage you to consider these recommendations for your potential wedding venue with your Ukraine bride.

You can also join our singles’ tours to Ukraine to see these churches firsthand before finding the woman that will define your life.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tunnel of Love: A Bucket List Place for Ukrainian Women

Tunnel of Love: A Bucket List Place for Ukrainian Women

Are you looking for a different kind of date with Ukrainian women? One that will seemingly take you to a different dimension? If so, you might want to consider The Tunnel of Love.

The Tunnel of Love is a railway sandwiched by perfectly interweaving tree branches and thick bushes located in a tiny village in the western town of Klevan, Ukraine. It is considered to be the most photographed and romantic place in the country.

Many lovebirds from across the world flock to Klevan to kiss under the tunnel and make a wish. Locals believe that this act strengthens the relationship. Legend also says that the love-struck visitors will be granted their wish, provided that their intentions are sincere and pure.

The entire track is about 6.4 km long, 4.9 km of it is flanked by arching trees and thick bushes. This romantic stretch of train tracks is located between Klevan and the village of Orzhiv in the Kovel-Rivne, where it splits into two: one leads to Klevan and the other leads to a military base hidden in the forest. It was built during the Cold War in the 19th century and the trees were purposefully planted alongside the tracks to conceal the transport of military hardware.

At present, the train makes three rounds on a daily basis transporting wood to the nearby fiberboard factory. Otherwise, the tunneled portion of the railway becomes a romantic and picturesque place where couples can go for a stroll and take lovely photos together.
The Tunnel of Love has also become a popular destination for photoshoots and marriage proposals in Ukraine.

Sadly though, several trees were cut down in 2013 to aid the passage of the train which resulted to a huge outcry from locals and tourists alike; but not a single tree has been touched since then.

The Tunnel of Love is the ultimate couple destination with your Ukraine woman. Every couple should experience the romantic atmosphere of this place at least once in their lifetime.

It is best to visit during spring or summer when the trees along the railway are at its lushest.
The seemingly never-ending stretch of greenery at this time of year is a truly remarkable sight.

However, the colorful foliage during fall and the snow-covered branches during winter make for captivating sights as well. No matter which season you decide to visit, you will still be in for a treat regardless.

There are only a few places in the world as romantic as The Tunnel of Love. The arching branches that envelopes the railway is truly something to behold. So, if you’re dating Ukraine ladies who are true romantics, this is one place that you should definitely tick off from your bucket list. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Win the Heart of a Ukrainian Woman

Winning the Heart of a Ukrainian Woman

It is no secret that Ukrainian women are among the smartest and most stunning females on the face of the earth, but what is the best way to their heart? Walking down the streets of Ukraine, you will most likely run into a few ladies that will surely make your jaw drop. Their attractive physique paired with a warm and friendly disposition, compel men from around the world to want to get to know them more.
Online sites and apps have taken over the dating scene. Thanks to this, international love has never been so convenient and within reach. It is still important though that you do your homework before getting into a relationship with (or even date) a lady whose culture and traditions are different from yours. So, if you are a man who is eager to know how you can meet women in Ukraine and potentially settle down with one, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about her customs

Before you even get into the idea of dating Ukrainian women, be sure to learn a thing or two about their customary dating practices and traditions. Taking the time to learn the nuances of their dating culture might just be the difference between a home run date and striking out big time. Hence, it is important to remember that a funny joke to you might be offensive to others. Being sensitive to different cultural backgrounds will surely help you avoid any unintended offensive remarks.

Learn a bit of her language

If you want an idea that will help you impress Ukrainian singles, learn a few words and phrases of their language. You don’t have to become fluent. Learning a few meaningful phrases can add a little bit of spice and excitement to your conversation. Needless to say, trying to communicate with her using her native language will get her more interested in talking to you and will lead her to think that you are indeed sincere about wanting to know her better.

Embrace her intellect

It is also worth noting that Ukraine ladies are known to be intelligent and curious. As a result, you can expect your Ukranian date to ask a lot of probing questions, especially when a topic captures her interest. She may ask for your opinions and ideas about subjects like art, culture, politics, food, and life in general.
Women in Ukraine are very fond of bringing up random topics and sharing their thoughts to maintain a light and spontaneous conversation. You may take advantage of these moments during your date to show off your knowledge and impress her with your intellectual prowess.

Embrace the Ukrainian dating etiquette

Additionally, it is customary in Ukraine for men to pay for everything during a date; this includes taxi fares, meals, drinks, as well as any and all activities you do while you’re out together.
Another thing to keep in mind is that most Ukraine women like random and unplanned dates. They would rather bump into you and then strike up a conversation. Also, do not be shocked if she quickly introduces you to her social circle. This is a good sign, as this shows how interested she is in you since she’s introduced you to those who are closest to her.
When it comes to dating ideas, Ukrainian women love nights out. It’s part of their culture to stay out late socializing or partying. So, if you are indeed sincere about dating a woman from Ukraine, then you might want to start getting used to staying up past your usual bedtime.
How to Find Your Ukrainian Beauty?
It also wouldn’t hurt to check out some of the best matchmaking services in Ukraine to help simplify your search. Some of these matchmaking sites will do virtually all the work for you; from making your itinerary, to scheduling dates, and even booking accommodations. You will also get to participate in fun activities like a singles’ tour.
These are just some of the things worth noting if you are looking to date a Ukrainian lady. This article can give you a head start, but to successfully hit a home run, it’s essential to put in the effort too.
Ukrainian women are meticulous and discerning, so be sure to say the right things, ask the right questions, and always put your best foot forward. Once you’ve done so and have won a beautiful Ukrainian woman’s heart – boy, are you a lucky man!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Here’s How to Conquer a Ukrainian’s Heart


Ukraine women are among those smart and stunning ladies whom men wish to cherish life with. When you walk down the streets of Ukraine for the first time, it’s undeniable that you’ll be able to pass by and encounter many beautiful women walking down the streets. Due to their attractive physique, warm and friendly personalities, men from all around the world want to get to know them more. They want to know how to meet women in Ukraine to date them and you are probably one of those men.

Since, online dating is popular these days, especially with the prominence of online dating websites and apps, your desire to meet a Ukrainian will be more convenient. However, if you’ve already found that Ukraine lady, this article will surely help in getting to know her better. With that, tips on how to conquer a Ukraine woman’s heart are provided for you.

First, it is essential to know the dating culture of the woman you want to go out with. Before you get into the idea of dating a Ukrainian, be sure to learn about their dating culture; this is to avoid problems when you want to start a relationship with her as it creates a big impact in your entire relationship.

One of which includes learning a few phrases and sentences of her language. You don’t have to study the whole thing; just learn a few yet meaningful phrases. In doing so, a woman will be thrilled if you try to communicate with her using her native language. She will get more interested to talk to you. She would think you are indeed sincere in knowing her better.

You must also know how to communicate with them effectively. Dating single Ukraine ladies also means you have to lengthen your patience. Several Ukraine ladies are known to be intelligent. As a result, they appear to be so curious with almost everything around them.

She may ask for your opinions and ideas about a certain subject. She may want to talk about arts, culture, politics, food, life and so on. Women in Ukraine are very random with their thoughts and like to have a light and spontaneous conversation. During these moments of your date, you may talk to her intellectually and gently to have a better date experience.

To add, men always pay for the bill during the date including the taxi fares, meals, drinks, and more as part of Ukraine’s dating culture. When it comes to dating ideas, know that these women love night outs. It’s part of their culture too to stay out late at night and sometimes attend parties. If you are sincere in dating a woman from Ukraine, then you may start getting used to late night parties.

In addition to that, most Ukraine women like to have random dates. They would rather bump into you randomly and then strike up a conversation. Do not be shocked as well if she will introduce you to her social circle. Be glad instead because that only means you have become important to her by introducing you to the ones close to her.

By applying all of the above-mentioned easy tips in conquering a Ukranian’s heart, you will surely have your own beautiful Ukraine bride at the end of the day!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Few Things You Should Know Before Dating Ukraine Ladies

Ukraine women are among those smart and stunning ladies whom men wish to cherish life with. It is undeniable that a large number of gorgeous women are just walking in the streets when you get to visit Ukraine for the first time. Due to their feminine qualities, men from all around the world yearn to know them more. They want to know how to meet women in Ukraine, date them and eventually marry them.
Online dating is rampant these days, so you are probably getting to know someone from Ukraine that brought you to this article. If you are somehow, in the midst of knowing a Ukrainian woman, here are few things that you should know before dating her:
First and foremost, it is very essential to know the dating culture of the woman you want to date with. Before you buy the idea of dating a Ukrainian, be sure to learn about their culture to avoid problems when you’re already in the verge of wanting to have a relationship with her as it creates a big impact in your entire relationship.
One of which includes learning few phrases and sentences of her language. In doing so, a woman will be thrilled if you try to study a part of her native language. However, if you will not try to do so, women will think otherwise. Why? It’s simply because if you love someone, you will do everything to connect to her.
You must also know how to communicate with them effectively. Dating single Ukraine ladies also means prolonging your patience. These women appear to be really curious with almost everything because most of them are intelligent. This behavior of them may somewhat irritate you and it’s normal. Despite that, never show them you are out of patience and don’t try to answer them in a sarcastic way.
They may want to talk about arts, culture, politics, food, life and whatnots. These women may frustrate you at some point but just deal with it. In order to avoid this, you may communicate with them sophistically as these women are delicate. Be a man during these kind of moments in your life.
By now, you must know that men always pay for the bill— all of it. Aside from the fact that it is somehow true, it’s part of their culture too. Just like every other woman, Ukrainians also expect men to pay for all the dating expenses such as taxi fares, meals, drinks, and more. In that note, know that these women love night outs. It’s part of their culture to stay out late at night and sometimes attend parties. If you are not an evening person, you should start embracing this kind of dates starting from now.
Moreover, if most Asian women prefer to plan for a date, Ukrainian women like to have random dates. They would rather bump into you randomly and then strike up a conversation. Do not be shocked as well if she will introduce you to her social circle. Be glad instead because that only means you have become important to her by introducing you to ones close to her.
To sum everything up, be a man of integrity and commitment and everything will go on smoothly the way it should be. Travel to Ukraine now and meet your ideal Ukrainian lady in person. Who knows, your bride-to-be is among the beautiful and good-natured women in Ukraine.

Monday, August 13, 2018

When you travel around the world, museums are usually recommended for you to see and visit. It’s basically no difference when it comes to Ukraine. Why? It’s simply because Ukraine is a country filled with historical sites. Also, it has a strong cultural heritage that every individual would love. Different types of museums can be seen in the cities of Ukraine alone. Thus, you must not just visit Ukraine without having a trip to these heritage-filled museums. Also, get to meet beautiful single Ukraine ladies along your travel!
Here are the 8 best museums in Ukraine that you shouldn’t miss when you stand on its ground:
  • National Art Museum
This historic and neoclassical building was designed by Wladyslaws Horodecki. This spacious museum has a wide-ranging collection of Ukrainian paintings, even of that from 20th century. In this museum, art and treasures that were rescued from the former President named Viktor Yanukovych were first exhibited. Through time, it has become well-known because of its exhibitions. For every tourist, the National Art Museum in Kiev is highly recommended. When you travel to Ukraine, don’t miss this Museum and you’ll surely have a great travel experience.
  • Great Patriotic War Museum
Great Patriotic War museum is located at the base of Rodina Mat (a monumental statue in Kiev). It was built in 1981 to honor the defenders of Kiev during the Great Patriotic War many years ago (World War II). This museum was just recently renamed into National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. Undoubtedly, this was the first ever museum to tell of the story of the bloodiest war in the 20th century. Thus, this destination is a must-visit for all the visitors. Have a trip in this museum to feed your curiosity!
  • Pirogovo Open-Air Museum
Pirogovo Open-Air Museum is the largest open-air museum in the entire Europe. It covers 1.3 million square meters and reveals the traditional ways of living in different regions of Ukraine hundred years ago. The entire museum is composed of windmills, watermills, traditional sauna, a church school, village administration buildings, a priests’ mansion, cafes, huts and barns. Also, you will get to see traditional houses from 16th to 20th century. By having a tour at this place, you will imagine how the locals lived in Ukraine many years ago. Pay a visit to this amazing open-air museum now with the hope of finding your Ukraine bride!
  • State Aviation Museum
The State Aviation Museum is a great place to spend time with even if you are not into aircraft and other things involving aeronautics. If you want something a bit unusual, this museum is a must-visit. In here you can see all sorts of fantastic-looking flying machines, including fighter jets, passenger planes, helicopters and more. This is the largest historical and technical museum of its kind. Some of the aircrafts you can find here were once in the service of Soviet Air Force. Way back 2003, the museum had 33 aircraft and helicopters. Now, it has more or less 90 machines on display.
  • Pharmacy Museum
Pharmacy Museum is also known as “Under the Black Eagle”. This is the oldest operating pharmacy in Ukraine which now offers a fascinating walk through apothecary history for its guests. It is painted with symbols of water, fire, air and earth. Technically, it has 16 rooms of different historical eras of medicinal care. You will just pay a small amount of money for its entrance fee and you will get to embrace a room full of antique pharmacy equipment which are from 19th and 20th century.
Looking for an alternative things to do in Ukraine? Have a trip to the aforementioned museums for a breath of fresh air! Meet Ukraine women for marriage along the way!